Thursday, June 14, 2012 new obsession!!

I just started a new habit that I have to share with you!!! 

Listening to podcasts!!

As most of you know I work part time so I have about a 35 minute drive to work every morning and then again back home.  I've always listened to music or talk radio, but lately I've been wanting more. 

That is 35 (x 2) minutes of my day that I could use to learn something new, make myself a better wife, mom, coworker, leader, on and on. beachbody coach recommended that we listen to a podcast featuring Michael Hyatt.  (If you havent heard of him you should definitely visit his website!! )

Today I listened to one of his podcasts: 
#2  10 Practical Ways to Boost Your  Energy! 

It's a must listen to...especially if you struggle with the excuse that you just dont have time or energy to get everything done!

Let me know what you think about it!!

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